J. Veal, Architect LLC.


37 Years Experience

Established in 1983, we’ve been providing architectural and planning services on the Gulf Coast and in over 20 states.

Attention To Detail

The key to producing high-quality contract documents. Costly, time-consuming redraws are avoided by thoroughly reviewing and refining proposals early in the process.

Integrated Sensibilities

We strive to create buildings that stimulate the senses, spaces that relate to and bring the outdoors in. Architecture that completely integrates all client requirements and site influences.

Lasting Value

We use a common sense approach to design and construction to produce buildings that stand out, perform for our clients and provide lasting value.

Site-Conscious Design

We produce architecture that incorporatesd smooth-flowing interiors with efficient space planning that blends with, and compliments, the natural environment.

Great Support

From original idea, through planning and construction, we are here for our clients until project completion and total satisfaction.